The Vamps aren’t going down without a fight


The group have been compared to One direction and labelled a boy band since their first fame in late 2012, a label which continued to be applied in 2014. The band disagree with the stereotyping, pointing to the fact that they formed by themselves, they are not the product of a record producer and they play their own instruments. 

The Vamps have a few months before they drop a brand new album, and I have the information you about it right here.

Album cover for The Vamps album ''Night & Day''

  • The new album also comes with a bonus DVD full of exclusive content that you won’t get anywhere else.
  • It’s a two-part album, and the first part they’re releasing is “Night” edition.
  • It was 10 brand new songs on it


The Vamps have announced their third album. It’s called ‘Night & Day’ which one would presume at first glance is something to do with the band’s decision to embrace a more dance-influenced sound and the fact that people dance at night.
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