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Harry Styles, Prince Of Pop, Takes A Stab At Rock Stardom

Well THIS is a sudden shift, He wants to be a Rock star??

Styles more or less holds his own in these aggro moments, but his rock remains at its best with a little pop in it.

The singer himself benefits from striding bravely into territory that’s rarely represented in today’s mainstream. We aren’t just lacking for teen idols-turned-rock stars, we’re lacking for rock stars in general. The throne is empty, so Harry Styles might as well keep it warm for a while.

One Direction’s fans have grown up” NME wrote, and “Harry’s music has too.” Buzzfeed announced that “Harry Styles Isn’t Following The Pop Star Playbook”, while Stereogum headlined their review “Harry Styles, Prince Of Pop, Takes A Stab At Rock Stardom”, opening with “Here’s a sign of the times for you: The most famous member of the world’s leading boy band is trying to become a rock star”. The Telegraph”s review found the departure so stark that it offered the following intensely patronizing speculation: “It is so old-fashioned it may actually come across as something new to its target audience. After all, most One Direction fans wouldn’t even have been twinkles in their parents’ eyes when this kind of ragged confection was all the rage.” Because, tragically, society has still not discovered a way to make music from the past available to modern ears.

Here’s a sign of the times for you: The most famous member of the world’s leading boy band is trying to become a rock star.  – source

Donald Glover Co-Creating Animated Deadpool Series For FXX

How much more fun could this be? Deadpool, Donald and FX — the perfect fit for the Merc with the Mouth! We’re thrilled that our relationship with FX that started with Legion continues with what is sure to be a groundbreaking show in adult animation.

Donald Glover is an incredibly gifted and versatile artist who’ll bring the untitled Marvel’s Deadpool series to life with the same intense, singular vision as his breakout hit Atlanta. It was previously announced the actor/singer would be making projects for FX, but we didn’t know he planned to bring this much heat!

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FX and Donald Glover are expanding their respective relationships with Marvel. More » – source

The National Announce New Album Sleep Well Beast

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After teasing fans, The National have announced that they will release their seventh studio album, which will be entitled “Sleep Well Beast,” on September 8th.

For the past few days, the band teased fans with mysterious clips on social media about the new studio effort with posts that included phrase “The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness.”

After some teasing over the last couple days, we finally have official word: The National are putting out a new album called Sleep Well Beast on 9/8. A Twitter user points out that posters have started to pop up in select cities advertising the album – source