Making Music Beats With Online Beat Maker And Selling Them Online

If you have an interest in making music then this article is for you. What if I told you, you could be making money online selling beats that you have created using affordable online beat maker applications? You’re going to be shocked at just how easy it really is and the best part is you don’t have to be musically talented.

If you have ever done a search for a beat maker or music software then you may have already come across some of the popular names like FL Studio, Sonic Producer, Dubturbo and Cyber Sequencer. These are all programs that are very affordable and all of them have the features you need to make your own beats.

Because they are already pre-loaded with a variety of sounds and samples you can make pretty much any kind of music. Popular genres like rap, hip hop, R&B, dance and techno are all the rage and are fairly easy to create and best of all they are easy to sell.

Why use an online beat maker?

OK, I personally use software that can be used online and offline but having the option to be able to make beats anywhere that there is an internet connection is a huge bonus. There is nothing worse than having a new beat stuck in your head then getting all the way home and forgetting it.

Another good thing is if you’re at a party or a friends house you can simply log in to the website where the online beat maker is and start making beats. There has been lots of occasions where I have been to a party and we all had a go at making beats which turned out to be a very fun night.

How Much Should I Pay For A Beat Maker?

This all depends on how far you want to go and what your goals are. If you’re a beginner then I would advise not to spend hundreds of dollars on software that you might lose interest in. Instead, choose a beat maker that fits in your budget. The applications mentioned above are all under $30 and have everything you would need to get started.

Once you learn the fundamentals and if you need you can then move on to more advanced programs or even give hardware a try like midi’s.

How Do I Make Money With My Beats?

It may surprise you, but lots of people are searching for royalty free audio, music and beats to buy for their personal and commercial projects.

This is what I love doing because and I have made some pretty decent money. Once you make your beat and master it you search for popular sites that you can sell your beats on. Because they are digital files you can sell them over and over again. Having a large portfolio of beats for sale online can make you a lot of money if you market them the right way.

These days we have popular sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and it is pretty simple to set up a little website to display your portfolio. These are all great marketing tools and if you can get a good amount of followers, treat your buyers right and make quality beats then you can make some serious money.