The ”Guardians” are back to take over cinemas (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2)



Writer/director James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a stunning film full of brilliant creative energy and spirit, but there is one specific reason it continues to stand out in audiences’ minds after three years: the characters. More than just falling in love with the Guardians of the Galaxy blockbuster, movie-goers fell in love with the Guardians of the Galaxy team — connecting with this group of ridiculous misfits who manage to find each other and become a dysfunctional family.

Reminiscent of The Empire Strikes Back in the way in which it breaks up the characters and only utilizes a handful of settings (albeit while telling a complete story), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is simply structured with dual plot narratives, but they’re properly harnessed to really get the most out of the entire fantastic ensemble. A huge part of this is the way in which James Gunn pairs each of his protagonists, as the groupings all have special ways of advancing the distinct arcs — whether the relationships are affable or hostile.

James Gunn effectively shut down critics complaining about cookie cutter comic book movies with his authentically auteur-driven Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014, and blasted the blockbuster world with a burst of fresh air that effectively altered the industry in the years since. Being a sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was never going to have that full effect, but it does still feel remarkably different, while also reminding audiences why they fell head over heels the first time.

Though its scope doesn’t including the cosmic breadth of the first movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is still intensely beautiful and aesthetically inventive — particularly in its use of color (very much a highlight of the original as well). Parents need to know that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 continues the adventures of Marvel’s motley group of space outlaws first introduced in the smash hit Gaurdians of the Galaxy Expect lots of interest from kids of all ages, but it’s most appropriate for teens and up. There’s frequent fighting with weapons (swords, guns, and more), space chases/battles, executions that involve people being “spaced”, etc and more.

Pitbull Signs With WME


The Grammy-winning Pitbull released his 10th album, Climate Change, in March. He has 70 million single sales and 6 million album sales in his career, and is co-headlining his next tour with Enrique Iglesias beginning in June. In July, resumes his Vegas residency at the Axis at Planet Hollywood.

On top of that, His Honey I’m Home production company has co-produced Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution three consecutive yearss with Endomol Shine North America for fox, and he oversees programming for the Pitbull’s Globalization channel on SiriusXM 

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WME will also play an integral role as Pitbull, mentored by Tony Robbins, takes his motivation speaking platform global!

His tenth album, “Climate Change”, was released in March, and just this past Sunday, he appeared on the MTV Movie and TV Awards performing “Hey Ma,” with Colombian star J Blavin and Cuban-American singer Camila Cabella, from “The Fate of the Furios: The Album” soundtrack on Artist Publishing Group, Atlantic Records and Universal Music Group.


WME will work with Pitbull to continue his ventures in music and beyond, including raising his global profile as a motivational speaker.


The multi-platinum Mr. Worldwide was previously with more – CLICK HERE

The Vamps aren’t going down without a fight


The group have been compared to One direction and labelled a boy band since their first fame in late 2012, a label which continued to be applied in 2014. The band disagree with the stereotyping, pointing to the fact that they formed by themselves, they are not the product of a record producer and they play their own instruments. 

The Vamps have a few months before they drop a brand new album, and I have the information you about it right here.

Album cover for The Vamps album ''Night & Day''

  • The new album also comes with a bonus DVD full of exclusive content that you won’t get anywhere else.
  • It’s a two-part album, and the first part they’re releasing is “Night” edition.
  • It was 10 brand new songs on it


The Vamps have announced their third album. It’s called ‘Night & Day’ which one would presume at first glance is something to do with the band’s decision to embrace a more dance-influenced sound and the fact that people dance at night.
There is, one – SOURCE LINK

Harry Styles, Prince Of Pop, Takes A Stab At Rock Stardom

Well THIS is a sudden shift, He wants to be a Rock star??

Styles more or less holds his own in these aggro moments, but his rock remains at its best with a little pop in it.

The singer himself benefits from striding bravely into territory that’s rarely represented in today’s mainstream. We aren’t just lacking for teen idols-turned-rock stars, we’re lacking for rock stars in general. The throne is empty, so Harry Styles might as well keep it warm for a while.

One Direction’s fans have grown up” NME wrote, and “Harry’s music has too.” Buzzfeed announced that “Harry Styles Isn’t Following The Pop Star Playbook”, while Stereogum headlined their review “Harry Styles, Prince Of Pop, Takes A Stab At Rock Stardom”, opening with “Here’s a sign of the times for you: The most famous member of the world’s leading boy band is trying to become a rock star”. The Telegraph”s review found the departure so stark that it offered the following intensely patronizing speculation: “It is so old-fashioned it may actually come across as something new to its target audience. After all, most One Direction fans wouldn’t even have been twinkles in their parents’ eyes when this kind of ragged confection was all the rage.” Because, tragically, society has still not discovered a way to make music from the past available to modern ears.

Here’s a sign of the times for you: The most famous member of the world’s leading boy band is trying to become a rock star.  – source

Donald Glover Co-Creating Animated Deadpool Series For FXX

How much more fun could this be? Deadpool, Donald and FX — the perfect fit for the Merc with the Mouth! We’re thrilled that our relationship with FX that started with Legion continues with what is sure to be a groundbreaking show in adult animation.

Donald Glover is an incredibly gifted and versatile artist who’ll bring the untitled Marvel’s Deadpool series to life with the same intense, singular vision as his breakout hit Atlanta. It was previously announced the actor/singer would be making projects for FX, but we didn’t know he planned to bring this much heat!

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FX and Donald Glover are expanding their respective relationships with Marvel. More » – source

The National Announce New Album Sleep Well Beast

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After teasing fans, The National have announced that they will release their seventh studio album, which will be entitled “Sleep Well Beast,” on September 8th.

For the past few days, the band teased fans with mysterious clips on social media about the new studio effort with posts that included phrase “The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness.”

After some teasing over the last couple days, we finally have official word: The National are putting out a new album called Sleep Well Beast on 9/8. A Twitter user points out that posters have started to pop up in select cities advertising the album – source

How to Use Music Making Software – Make Your Own Music Beats and Rhythms

Now you can make your own music with the use of your home computer. The magic of the Internet has brought music making software right to the comfort of your own home. You do not need to buy any musical instrument. You can just sit at home and create a whole lot of musical beats by using a music beat maker or a beat making software.

Benefits of Beat Making Software:

The usual way of making music calls for going to a music studio complete with your fellow musicians and musical supplies to record your music composition. You can just imagine the cost of paying the musicians, the studio, and paying for the instruments at the beginning without even knowing if you can break even, much less profit from your recordings.

With music making software, all you really need is your personal computer, although you may have to upgrade to a high quality sound system for your computer when you begin to create your own music. With the conventional instruments, it would take you weeks or even months to learn, but with the music making software, you will find out that it is very intuitive with a user-friendly interface that can easily follow your instructions, and you can create several musical beats just on your first sitting.

This software costs anywhere between $30 – $50, and this is definitely lower than purchasing your own musical instruments. It comes with video tutorials that would easily guide you through the instructions step-by-step. So, you see, even for beginners, composing and making your own music can be fun and easy, and it really does not require experience in doing so.

Producing Music with the Music Making Software:

Music enthusiasts are given a wonderful opportunity in that they can now create beautiful music online. The Internet has opened itself to the music beat maker that affords people the chance to also learn how to make music. The creativity of the person is enhanced and developed here with the use of the music making software and more and more people become motivated to make and produce their own music. Music lovers are also given the chance to be exposed and learn the different music genres, from hip-hop to pop, from ballad to classical, and may even give them a chance to be famous for the works they create.

The music making software is gaining ground in the realm of music lovers and enthusiasts. Professionally done quality music is now made possible by this software in the comfort of your home, and in front of your computer, you can create different melodies and tunes that can be completed in no time at all, and at the same time achieving high quality music.

Some of the benefits of using the music making software are:

1) The software is very easy to use.

2) It has video tutorials which make learning easier and fun.

3) The software gives you a lot of free trials.

4) Installation is not necessary as the software is browser-based.

5) It gives a 100 percent money-back, satisfaction-guaranteed policy.

6) The cost of the software is very affordable.

Are you ready to make your very own unique music with the worlds best music production software that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Sonic Producer has developed a learning system that will help you succeed in creating your very own professional sound. From creating simple beats to composing your very own musical compositions.

Making Music Beats With Online Beat Maker And Selling Them Online

If you have an interest in making music then this article is for you. What if I told you, you could be making money online selling beats that you have created using affordable online beat maker applications? You’re going to be shocked at just how easy it really is and the best part is you don’t have to be musically talented.

If you have ever done a search for a beat maker or music software then you may have already come across some of the popular names like FL Studio, Sonic Producer, Dubturbo and Cyber Sequencer. These are all programs that are very affordable and all of them have the features you need to make your own beats.

Because they are already pre-loaded with a variety of sounds and samples you can make pretty much any kind of music. Popular genres like rap, hip hop, R&B, dance and techno are all the rage and are fairly easy to create and best of all they are easy to sell.

Why use an online beat maker?

OK, I personally use software that can be used online and offline but having the option to be able to make beats anywhere that there is an internet connection is a huge bonus. There is nothing worse than having a new beat stuck in your head then getting all the way home and forgetting it.

Another good thing is if you’re at a party or a friends house you can simply log in to the website where the online beat maker is and start making beats. There has been lots of occasions where I have been to a party and we all had a go at making beats which turned out to be a very fun night.

How Much Should I Pay For A Beat Maker?

This all depends on how far you want to go and what your goals are. If you’re a beginner then I would advise not to spend hundreds of dollars on software that you might lose interest in. Instead, choose a beat maker that fits in your budget. The applications mentioned above are all under $30 and have everything you would need to get started.

Once you learn the fundamentals and if you need you can then move on to more advanced programs or even give hardware a try like midi’s.

How Do I Make Money With My Beats?

It may surprise you, but lots of people are searching for royalty free audio, music and beats to buy for their personal and commercial projects.

This is what I love doing because and I have made some pretty decent money. Once you make your beat and master it you search for popular sites that you can sell your beats on. Because they are digital files you can sell them over and over again. Having a large portfolio of beats for sale online can make you a lot of money if you market them the right way.

These days we have popular sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and it is pretty simple to set up a little website to display your portfolio. These are all great marketing tools and if you can get a good amount of followers, treat your buyers right and make quality beats then you can make some serious money.

Top 7 of the Largest Musical Instrument in the USA

It is important for a musical store to provide their clients with the best quality and durability. Large music stores have lots of products you can choose from, especially if you have not yet decided on the type of music instrument you would like to learn how to play.

There are around 4,500 musical instrument stores in the US. Some of the store names include Guitar Center, Sweetwater Sound, and Sam Ash Music among others. Many musical instrument establishments are full-line stores that offer pianos, guitars, sound equipments, instrument accessories, school music products as well as parts of any instrument. Some large music instrument stores are independent. This means that they usually sell most of their so-called “indie” labels. In addition to this, independent musical stores do not promote any major record labels or brands.

Listed below are the top 7 largest musical instrument store in the United States of America:

Mally’s Traditional Music Instrument Store: This music instrument store is located at # 3 East Moorside Cleckheaton, USA. It sells different kinds of musical instruments ranging from the smallest up to the biggest variety.

To give you a detailed list of some of the items in this store, they have the following:

– bass guitars
– acoustic guitars
– electric guitars
– drums set
– accessories
– pianos
music book
– and anything that is connected to music

This musical store has many branches in and outside of the US. It also offers drum lessons as well as violin lessons. It also has its own production outlet.

American Musical Store: This store is noted as the store with the most excellent musical equipments. It is situated at #65 Greenwood Avenue Minland Park, USA. It offers huge choices of in-stock instruments such as keyboards, drums, guitars, recording equipments, electric guitars, bass guitars, effects, accessories, parts and many more. It even has payment terms and it accepts installment charges that can be settled between 3 up to 5 months. Its customers or buyers can order via phone, mail or fax.

SIC 5736 Musical Instrument Store: This musical store has a total of 7,285 stores. Aside from this, it is eventually listed as one of the largest musical stores in the US. The exact location of this store is at # 1324 Boulevard Avenue California, USA. The store sells pianos, drums, percussion instruments, string instruments, keyboards, organs, electric guitars as well as brass instruments. This musical store insists that buyers opt for electric musical instruments. Thus, this store also has branches in Connecticut, Florida, Nevada, New York, Indiana and Ohio.

Allegro-Music Store: This independent music store is located in North America. It has a store catalog. Some of their catalogs include instruments such as classical, pop, jazz and world. It also sells other products such as electric guitars, drums, cleaning instruments and many more. Thus, customers and buyers can order via email or fax, online, phone (toll free). Their store is open for 24 hours everyday.

• Metronome Music Store: This independent music store that’s owned by a musician/businessman sells amps, basses, drums, guitars, flute, recoding paraphernalia as well as PA equipment. This music store offers a huge line of musical instruments and accessories. They can also provide rentals for any type of musical instrument.

The Metronome Music Store is also well equipped with a spy cam, alarm and security guards. It also offers lessons for bass, piano, banjo, keyboards, trumpet, flute, alto sax, guitars as well as drums.

KTJ Musical Instrumental Store: This music store sells used as well as new music equipments and supplies for a very low price. It sells acoustic and electric guitars, cymbals, drums, basses, amps, pianos, keyboards, processors and effects pedals. This is along speakers, and studio equipment. It is located in Arizona, USA. It also offers professional lessons for those who want to study guitars, pedals and flutes. This music store has support facilities for school band supplies and fund raising supplies. It also serves their buyers or customers 24 hours. Clients can order via email or fax, either by phone or online.

Marshall Music Instrumental Store: This music store has seven braches located at Allen Park, Troy, Grand Rapids, Traverse, Kalamazoo and West Bloomfield. It has professional music instrument technicians that handle the repair of any string, percussion, woodwind, electronic equipment, brass, and related instruments. It even has a “School Service Department” that can accommodate a full range of musical needs. In addition, it also has an organ and piano department, which usually houses classrooms for keyboard and piano lessons, including auditoriums that house an amp and guitar department. It also offers complete guitar lessons.

Free Music Editing Software – Audacity

One of my favorite free music editing software applications is Audacity. It is one of the easiest applications to run and can be installed on Windows, Mac’s and Linux.

When I was first introduced to Audacity I didn’t think too much about the program. It did have the normal multi-tracks most music editing software programs had, but I didn’t realize just how many features it included until I really started to play around with the package.


If you are familiar with Microsoft Word or Excel then using Audacity doesn’t get much simpler to use than them. If you know how to drag and drop in files and edit via cut, copy and paste, then you will have the basics nailed. It translates these features seamlessly which means that any novice would be able to start producing sounds right away.

Importing and Exporting

Once you have completed your music masterpiece you will want to export your creation to a CD or mp3 player so that you can take it to a producer or so your family and friends can listen to it. Audacity comes with the ability to import and export mp3’s, wav, aiff and au, which means your music can be played on just about any digital audio device.


If you have some old audio that has a lot of background noise or maybe hissing, humming or static, then Audacity can remove these annoying sounds. Other effects include a built-in Echo, Phaser and Wah wah. You can also change the pitch of a song without altering the tempo. Try doing that on your grandfathers old turn table.


Most computers these days come with a microphone jack. Audacity allows you to record from the jack point, which means that you can literally record any audio you plug into the jack point, whether that be a keyboard, an electric guitar, a drum machine or a microphone. Volume levels can be adjusted before, during or after recording as well.


Back in the day I had a four channel tape mixer, that cost me $800. Because it only had the capability of recording 4 tracks, I use to record three and then over dub them onto the fourth, which allowed me to use the first three tracks to tape an additional three instruments given me a total of 7 tracks. Needless to say it was a little complicated and time-consuming. Audacity allows you to record up to 16 channels for free.

One of the biggest positives about using a product such as Audacity is that it is free. If you want a free music editing software program to just edit the noise out of a few family movies, or put together audio sounds for a school project then this program with do a nice job. However, if you want to create full songs or complicated beats then you will find it somewhat limiting as you layer each track. At this point you should opt for a paid solution.

For $50 you can get a software program that will allow you to expand your music editing capabilities. You just have to do a search online and you will find them everywhere. I would use Audacity to hone my music making abilities or until it becomes unproductive, then I would consider upgrading to an application with more features.